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Manitoba Family Support PNP: How Does It Work?

Each Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is unique. The programs’ conditions vary depending on the needs of the region.

If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen living in Manitoba, you can have the opportunity to support a friend’s or relative’s permanent residence application.

If you want to help a family member apply for permanent residence through the Manitoba Family Support PNP under the Skilled Worker Stream, they must prove a strong connection to the province through one of these options:

  You must prove that you are living in Manitoba and willing to support a family member.

  You must have work experience or previous education inside Manitoba.

This is the only program where you can sponsor any family relative, not limited to spouses or children, that can either be:


  Niece or nephew

  Aunt or uncle

  First cousins (children of your aunts or uncles)

Note: this is not a sponsorship program, but you will need to financially support your relative.

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As a sponsor, you must also go through a process to determine your eligibility. You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. You must have been living in Manitoba for at least one year and have a steady job that will allow you to support your family once they are in Canada. It is essential to consider the following:

  You must show close ties to your family member and Manitoba (documentation that supports this claim is required).

  You must show that any previous family member you have supported (if applicable) was able to successfully and permanently establish themselves in Manitoba.

  You must be able to support your family member’s Settlement Plan.

  You must support the application of more than one skilled worker at a time if they are a close relative and can demonstrate the ability to support more than one skilled worker.

Since this program is aimed to attract skilled workers, your family member needs to prove that they are qualified to work in Canada. This means they need to accumulate enough points through the calculation of language skills, employability, age, education, and adaptability factors.

You must also prove that you have enough funds to support your family member while looking for work. At least CAD 12,669 is required, and if dependants are included on the application, additional funds will be needed.

How to Apply?

Expression of Interest

This is the first step to migrate to Manitoba, and it involves submitting a profile to a pool of candidates. Your family member will have to submit their personal information and create a profile.

Your family member’s profile will be ranked in a similar way to the Express Entry System. The highest-ranked candidates will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply. 

This profile will be active for only one year.  If your family member does not receive a Letter of Advice to Apply before the year is over, they will need to create a new profile.

Letter of Advice to Apply

Once your family member receives a letter, they will be able to apply for the PNP and submit all the required documentation.

If your family member is nominated by the province, they can finally submit their permanent residence application. The process can take up to 28 months, considering that permanent residence takes around two years to be processed.

Our team can help determine your family member’s eligibility to obtain permanent residence under this program and can help prepare the application.

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