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Resolve your doubts and concerns by talking with an immigration professional about your particular case or application. Get an Immigration Consultation or Assessment.

Immigration Consultation and Assessment

Consult with an ICCRC Certified member

Sometimes it is difficult for our clients to correctly identify their immigration needs or opportunities. Complex situations have to be thoroughly examined in order to determine the right immigration program to apply through. Castle and Co has designed a variety of consultancy services with the intention of covering all the possible situations and providing our clients with the most insightful advice.



Castle and Co offers free phone call immigration consultation or assessment with our knowledgeable customer service team. We will advise you on which services apply best to your case and what requirements you must comply with.

Now, depending on the complexity of your case one of our customer services representatives will let you know if it will be beneficial to refer you to one of the following paid services.




If your case is more complex, we will advise you to schedule a consultation with one of our Immigration Consultants. This will provide you with a private and specific consultation that will go into details that normal assessments will not.

If you feel confused about the process and need to clear up any doubts, the best option is to seek expert advice.  A Consultant is able to help you plan a better way to achieve your immigration goals, determining your eligibility, and explaining step by step everything that needs to be done in order to reach your objective.

Express: 30-minute consultation. Ideal to know your eligibility or ask specific questions about your particular situation.


The online immigration consultation or assessment is recommended for specific cases or questions. With this option, we will send you a form with all the details and information needed to prepare a full diagnosis of your case. Alongside, we will ask you to send your questions and any relevant documents through email.

This service requires a pre-paid fee. One of our customer representatives will give you the payment options.

If you would like to get an online consultation, please contact our customer representatives through our toll-free number.

Online Consultation: a certified Immigration Consultant will analyze your information, tell you if there is any information missing, and answer your questions. You will also receive a full answer and advice from the consultant with the option of a 5-minute call follow up in case you need to solve additional doubts.



If you have already submitted an application and too much time has passed without receiving the final decision, or if you received a refusal and would like to know the reasons why, then the best option is to request the official notes that were included in your immigration file.  We will request the report and interpret it for you.

If you are interested in obtaining your official report, please contact our customer representatives through our toll-free number, they will confirm the fees and procedure to follow.



Call our toll free number and one of our representatives will take your call and walk you through the procedures and availability for a consultation.
After our representative has taken your request, you will be contacted to go through the payment options.


You have these options:

  • Online: fill out a form with the required information and the Immigration Consultant will review it and send you an email with a detailed evaluation of your options.
  • Phone call: we will set up an appointment for you to talk with an Immigration Consultant who will evaluate the information that you provide and answer your questions for the agreed upon time limit.


If you want to be contacted by phone, please indicate your availability: