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Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

ICCRC is the body that licenses Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Our RCICs will help you get the best result possible for your application. We provide expert guidance in the preparation of cases and representation before the Canadian government.

At Castle and Co’s Immigration Consultants we are members of ICCRC and of every province that requires a license to practice immigration. We are authorized to perform all duties related to immigration processes in all of Canada’s provinces, including Québec. Our Consultants are trained and approved by the Canadian government to assist and advise on immigration matters.

It is essential to verify that ICCRC accredits the Consultant that you plan on hiring. This way, you can trust that the process is in the hands of professionals.

ICCRC Immigration Consultants are the only ones authorized to charge a fee. It is important to find out how your case would be handled. Some firms will ask you to do the work and then just guide you through the process, whereas others take total control of the application reducing the chances of mistakes.

Immigration Family Reunion

At Castle and Co, as ICCRC members, we receive your application and take total control over it, always keeping abreast of the progress. We have a realistic working method that resolves problems and finds solutions; indeed, if we find something that may not be beneficial for your application, we will strive to work it out and obtain a positive outcome.