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Authorized Immigration Consultants

An Immigration Consultant is the certified expert that will help you get the best result possible for your application. They are trained by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to provide expert guidance in the preparation of cases and representation before the Canadian government.

Castle and Co is an ICCRC member authorized to perform all duties related to immigration processes in all of the provinces of Canada including Quebec. Our Consultants are trained and approved by the Canadian government to assist and advise on immigration matters.

It is very important to verify that the Consultant that you plan on hiring is accredited by ICCRC. This way you can trust that the process is in the hands of professionals that are trained especially to help people like you as to the best way forward.

ICCRC Immigration Consultants are the only ones authorized to charge a fee for the help given. It is illegal for somebody not certified to charge for helping with immigration issues.

When choosing a Certified Consultant that will take on responsibility for your application, it is essential to research and consider the specialization of that particular firm. That way you can have your application handled by someone that will understand the process.

Immigration Family Reunion

It should be considered that each immigration firm works differently, so it is important to find out how your case will be handled. Some firms will ask you to do the work and then just guide you through the process, whereas others take total control of the application reducing the chances of mistakes.

At Castle and Co, as an ICCRC member, we receive your application and take total control over it, always keeping abreast of the progress. We have a realistic method of working that resolves problems and finds solutions; indeed, if we find something that may not be beneficial for your application, we will strive to work it out and obtain a positive outcome.

We are faithful to the process and respect all the parties involved. That is why we make the following commitment to our clients:
If your application is rejected, the money paid will be returned if the reason for the refusal was a mistake in the process where the client was not involved. Otherwise, if the denial is caused by inconsistencies in documents provided by the client, or by suspicion of falsification, the money will not be returned.


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