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Canadian permanent residence is an immigration status that allows you to live in Canada on a permanent basis. It gives you the same rights as a citizen, although with certain restrictions like voting or working for a public entity.

After 3 years of living in Canada as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. This will allow you to get a Canadian passport.

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Among the benefits of becoming a permanent resident you can consider:

  • Social benefits that Canadian citizens receive like health care coverage.
  • Live, work, or study anywhere in Canada.
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years inside Canada.
  • Protection under Canadian law.

However, applying for permanent residence to live in Canada is not easy. It is a very delicate and long process where only selected applications are considered. Also, the options to apply are very limited, summed up in the following options:



Yes, if you have a valid work permit and your permanent residence is being processed. Or if you have received a non-restricted provincial certificate; you can apply for a bridging open work permit which will also allow you to work while the PR application is being processed.

The sponsoree can work in Canada only if the spousal application is submitted as an inside Canada application and not an overseas application. The sponsoree would need to include an open work permit application as part of the inside spousal application.

That depends on your profile. Details, including education and work experience, are different for every person; which makes them eligible to live in Canada through different programs. Please call our toll free number to receive a personal assessment and based on the information that you provide, we will give you the options that exist in your case.

Submitting your profile does not guarantee an invitation. We work on your profile to make it the best possible and we will advise you on how you can make it better. However, receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency will depend on your points and the point totals currently being drawn out of the pool for the different programs.

If you include your family on your application, they will be applying with you and will have to pay the respective fees. It is important to clarify that it can only be spouse/partner, sons, or daughters.

No, but there are alternative programs to help them immigrate. For more information, please contact us and we can provide a free assessment.

Depending on the program and the individual case, it can vary from these approximate times given:

  • Spouse sponsorships: normally an approximate minimum of 3 months if the applicant has all of their documents in order; but it can take 6 months on average if documents are missing.
  • Express Entry: normally an approximate minimum of 2 months if the applicant has all of their documents in order, but can take 6 months on average if documents are missing.
  • Provincial Nomination programs: normally an approximate minimum of 2 months if the applicant has all of their documents in order, but it can take 6 months on average if documents are missing.

Processing times always depend on how fast the applicant(s) can provide the required documents. If there are documents missing, the application submission will be delayed until it is fully complete.

It will depend on the program, the country of residence, and the processing times in effect by the Canadian immigration offices at the time the application is submitted. You can find the approximate processing times by clicking on the following link:
Please keep in mind that these processing times are ever changing. In our experience, these times can generally be summarized in the following way:

  • Express entry: approximately 6 months
  • Spouse sponsorships: approximately 12 months
  • Provincial nomination programs: approximately 6 months to receive the provincial certificate and then approximately 14-17 months for the finalization of the immigration progress.

You can apply through Express Entry and then be invited to apply to certain Provincial Nominee Programs or you can apply directly to a specific province. Both the Express Entry program and the majority of the provincial nominee programs work on a points system, however, they have different criteria when choosing a profile to be invited to apply. Every province is different though and some provinces like Alberta have their own process not based on a points system.
You may want to take into consideration that the processing times between PNP applications and permanent residency through Express Entry are very different. In most cases, PNPs can take up to 17 months and Express Entry 6 months on average after being invited to apply for PR and submitting the subsequent PR application.