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Permanent Residence

Choose the Right Path for Your Permanent Residence

Do You Speak English or French? Are You a Professional With Skilled Work Experience?
Canada offers various economic programs that could allow you to immigrate and your family as a permanent resident.
We can assess your opportunities to permanently immigrate to Canada under a federal or provincial program, either if you want to apply from your country of origin or already in Canada with a temporary residence visa.
Our immigration consultants can help determine the right economic program for you and your family. We can offer advice on how to increase your chances to be selected and succeed in your application.

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Closed Work Permit

You can obtain a closed work permit if your employer is willing and able to apply for an LMIA. A positive LMIA means that the government considers that hiring you as a foreign worker will have a neutral or positive impact on the labour market. Your employer will need to justify this need.
To apply for a closed work permit, you will also need supporting documents that prove your educational level and work experience, as well as a detailed job offer letter from your employer. These indicate that you are a worker qualified for the position.
A closed work permit will allow you to only work for the company named on the positive LMIA. The job description will be limited to the tasks outlined in the approved LMIA. If these guidelines are not followed, it can lead to the cancellation of the work permit and the company may not be allowed to submit another LMIA application.
After working for one year as a foreign worker in Canada, it is usually possible (in certain cases) to qualify for Permanent Residence depending on the position, province and other factors.
If you are interested in obtaining permanent residence services, Castle & Co. can help you submit your profile in the Express Entry system.

Find Out if You’re Eligible!

To know if you qualify to apply for Permanent Residence through the Express Entry System, please fill out our quick online form.

Click on one of the boxes below to find out more about each program:

Express Entry

The Express Entry process is a point-based program for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently. Each candidate creates a profile with details such as education, work experience (in Canada or abroad), language ability (English or French), age, a valid job offer (if applicable), among others.

In most cases, the candidate will need to have their educational credentials assessed with an organization authorized by IRCC. We can guide and represent you through this part of the process and obtain the appropriate report required for immigration purposes.

The Express Entry system scores candidates in the pool and usually invites the highest-ranked aspirants to apply for Canadian permanent residence. In other words, the higher the score, the better the chance the candidate has of receiving an invitation. We can advise you on how to increase your points to be eligible.

Provinces and employers also search through the applicants’ database and select those who have the best chances to find jobs according to the provincial needs. The Express Entry process, in this case, considers the candidate’s work experience and credentials since the selection is not only limited to the points the candidate has. We can also help you present your profile in the best possible way to be available when these types of searches are made.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

You could apply for permanent residence through Provincial Nominee Programs if you wish to live in a specific Canadian province.

Each province and territory targets specific groups of candidates according to their labour market needs: students, skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, business people, etc. Many streams combine different parameters and requirements to choose the most beneficial candidates for their province.

PNP Application Process

While you apply for a Permanent Residence through PNP, the provincial program restricts you from working or living outside that province. Usually, the candidate will benefit from a work permit while the permanent residence application is processed.

After a province nominates you, you’ll have to apply to the federal government to assess your application. This final assessment is based on admissibility factors such as medical conditions, security, and criminality.

Live in Quebec

Quebec, the francophone Canadian province, has created its own immigration programs to attract the most suitable professionals for its labour market:

The candidate must first be selected by the province and obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) from the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI). Then, the candidate must apply through Immigration Canada (IRCC), which will check on medical, security, and criminality factors.

There are two main economic programs for skilled workers that intend to immigrate to Quebec:

  Quebec Experience Class (Programme de l’Expérience Quebecoise, also known as PEQ).
  Quebec Skilled Worker Program (Programme régulier des travailleurs qualifiés).

Residence for Caregivers

Canadian employers use caregiver programs to find experienced foreign workers to assist in caring for children, elders, or people with high medical needs. As a foreign worker, you must prove experience and knowledge in the tasks required to handle. You must also comply with other requirements like reading and understanding English or French.

Currently, there are pilot programs open for hiring foreign caregivers, such as the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Workers. An LMIA is not required for these programs.

Another option to work in Canada as a caregiver is by applying to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. In this case, it is necessary to obtain a positive LMIA and the worker must apply for a regular work permit.

Job Seekers

If you are a temporary foreign worker and need a job or lost your job in Canada, you can apply to positions available on our partner foreign worker placement agency’s job board

Frequently Asked Questions

As a licensed immigration consultancy firm, Castle and Co is not only authorized to provide you with advice and guidance. We can also represent you before the Canadian Government as your third party to minimize any errors or omissions with your applications. We work mainly with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for any immigration application and ESDC (Service Canada) for any foreign worker-related LMIA application.

Our many years of experience have taught us how to prepare solid applications and communicate effectively and efficiently with government institutions.

Call us or fill the contact form at the end of our FAQ to get a free assessment of your case.

Castle & Co is a consultancy firm that can provide services for the following immigration applications:

– Permanent Residence through Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, or Quebec programs.

– Family Reunification through Spouse Sponsorship (spouse, conjugal, common-law), Parent & Grandparent Sponsorship, Dependent Children reunification, or others.

– Temporary Residence to acquire tourist visas, as well as study and work permits & visas.

– Citizenship preparation for permanent residents who have lived in Canada for more than three years.

– Consultations and expert reviews on your application if you are preparing it on your own.

We also help Canadian employers prepare a solid LMIA application to hire the foreign workers they need.

Call us or fill the contact form at the end of our FAQ to get a free assessment of your case. Call us or fill the contact form at the end of our FAQ to get a free assessment of your case.

That depends on your profile. Details, including education and work experience, are different for every person, making them eligible through different programs.

Please call our toll-free number to receive a personal assessment, and based on the information you provide, we will give you the options that exist in your case.

Submitting your profile does not guarantee an invitation. We work on your profile to make it the best possible, and we will advise you on how you can make it better.

However, receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency may not depend solely on your score. Several factors like labour shortages or the need for specific professionals may trigger invitations to apply to profiles that may have lower points than other selected applicants.

Call us to get a free assessment of your case.

Certain family members or dependents can be included in your application, they will be applying with you as the principal applicant and will be granted their permanent residency at the same time.

Call us to get a free assessment of your case.

You can apply through Express Entry and then be invited to apply to certain Provincial Nominee Programs or you can apply directly to a specific province.

Both the Express Entry system and the majority of the Provincial Nominee Programs work on point-based systems. However, they have different criteria when choosing a profile to be invited to apply.

Call us to get a free assessment of your case.

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