Permanent Resident Family Reunification | Sponsor your family to Canada

Bring your spouse to Canada as a Permanent Resident


Bring your spouse as a Permanent Resident

The approval of a spousal or partner sponsorship application will depend on the couple being able to prove a genuine relationship.


There are several paths for this kind of application that combine different factors and circumstances such as: the place of residence of the sponsor, place of residence of the sponsored person, type of relationship between the sponsor and the person to be sponsored, the sponsored person’s immigration status in Canada etc.


We invite you to contact us for a free assessment to find out which of the following situations best applies to your case:

The approval of a spousal sponsorship application will depend on the couple being able to demonstrate a legitimate relationship.



If you, the person to be sponsored, are living outside or inside Canada with temporary status, you can apply through this stream. With this option, the application is processed by an overseas visa office, either located in your country of residence or citizenship, or in a country responsible for all the applications submitted in the region.  


If both the sponsor and the person to be sponsored live abroad, you can still submit an application; however, you will have to provide additional documentation in order to show that both of you will relocate to Canada once the permanent residence visa is approved.


If the person to be sponsored is already in Canada, either with valid immigration status or having overstayed their status in Canada, then this could be your best option.


If the person to be sponsored is already in Canada as a visitor, worker or student, he or she can benefit from an Open Work Permit that will allow them to legally work until permanent residence is approved.


Same-sex partners, already married or not, can apply through the sponsorship program in order to reunite in Canada. We have great expertise with these types of applications and can guide you through this sensitive process.


If you, the sponsor, reside in the province of Quebec, additional requirements apply. You will have to submit a separate undertaking application to the province of Quebec. We can help you file that application as we have as part of our staff an Immigration Consultant certified by the province of Quebec. Please check here for further details.


The average processing time for a spousal sponsorship application is 12 months. This time can vary according to the country of residence of the person to be sponsored, and the processing times in effect by the Canadian immigration offices at the time the application is submitted.
The complexity of the case can increase the time to reach a final decision, as well as an incomplete application. A well-prepared application will definitely help you avoid unnecessary delays and will increase your chances of receiving a prompt approval.
Please keep in mind that these processing times are ever changing.

We work at the pace of our clients but please bear in mind that the gathering of documents may take time. If there are documents missing, the application submission will be delayed until it is complete.

We can help you speed up the process by fully customizing the official checklist for you and by providing you with specific instructions on how and where to obtain the requested supporting documents. We can also guide you through the forms by explaining tricky questions, and by giving you insightful suggestions to help deal with more complex aspects of the process.

As your legal representatives, we will maintain contact with IRCC through the established channels and interpret for you all notifications and requests received from Immigration.

The sponsoree can work in Canada while the application is in process, only if the spousal application is submitted as an inside Canada application and not an overseas application. The sponsoree would need to include an open work permit application as part of the inside spousal application.

Yes, you can apply as common-law partners (as long as substantial proof of having lived together in an intimate relationship for at least 12 months consecutively can be provided) OR as conjugal partners (if you are able to prove that have had a binding relationship for at least one year, but could not live together for reasons beyond your control).

They can be included in the application as accompanying dependent children and receive permanent residence status along with the principal applicant (the sponsored sponsor). They will require a specific authorization from the other parent to permanently immigrate to Canada.

No, but there are alternative programs to help them immigrate. For more information, please contact us and we can provide a free assessment.


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