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Want to Study or visit Canada?. A country with a lot to offer for tourists and students. It is a large country with an abundance of history, culture, and beautiful natural places to visit. However, it has specific requirements for visitors depending on nationality. Certain foreign citizens will have an easier time entering Canada than others. Some may need a visa and others, an authorization called an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization).
Only United States passport holders are not required to have a visa nor an eTA, a valid US passport is enough to enter. Passport holders from any other country other than the United States will need to obtain the above mentioned corresponding travel documents before traveling to Canada.

On the other hand, international students need to obtain a study permit no matter their nationality. Canada annually receives many foreign students that are attracted to its famous educational system. Most foreign students choose Canada as a great future investment being cost and quality effective.
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Yes. If your study permit allows you to work off campus you are only allowed to work 20 hours (part-time) with a study permit. You can work 40 hours (full-time) during scheduled breaks in the academic calendar.

You maintain the same status as the one that just expired while you wait for the answer to the application you submitted. This is called implied status. For example: you can still work in Canada if your work permit expires and you had applied for an extension before it expired. If you submit an application after it expires, you will not have implied status.

Restoration of status means that you are restoring your status to a legal status that you have had. For example, if you had a work permit and it expired, you will apply to restore your status. However, if your status is still valid, you are applying for an extension. Restoration of status only works when the status that you had expired and you are within 90 days of that expiry date.

Applying at the border always represents more risks so we usually advise our clients to apply online.

As part of our services, we will walk you through this process and provide you the proper instructions on how to obtain your police certificate(s).

As part of our services, we will walk you through this process and provide you the proper instructions on how to pay these fees. We offer you the option of paying government fees yourself or including these fees in your payment to us so that we can pay this requirement on your behalf.

The sponsoree can work in Canada only if the spousal application is submitted as an inside Canada application and not an overseas application. The sponsoree would need to include an open work permit application as part of the inside spousal application.

Yes, if the applicant is traveling alone, a letter of acceptance is needed. Only if the parents of the underage applicant already have a work or study permit will the minor not need a letter of acceptance.


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