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Study Permit

For international students

A study permit allows you to study in a designated institution for a period longer than 6 months. It can be a language course, a college course, a bachelor’s degree or even a post-graduate career.

You may also need to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV). The study permit will not grant you the entrance to Canada if you come from a country that is required to have a temporary resident visa to enter Canada. If you come from a non-visa required country, you may enter Canada with just an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

If at some time during your studies you wish to leave and come back to Canada to continue your studies, you will need a valid TRV or eTA to do so.


The conditions of the study permit vary depending on the type of permit that you are granted. For example, some may allow you to work a part-time job as long as you are taking a full-time study program (min 15 hours per week). Some of them may restrict the area in Canada that you are allowed to travel to.

It works the same way for the duration of the study permit. It is usually valid for the length of the study program you applied to plus an additional 90 days. This gives you a cushion of time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay.

Take into consideration that the basic requirements to apply for a study permit are the letter of acceptance from the educational institution, and proof that you can pay and maintain yourself for the period that you will be in Canada. It is also important that you can guarantee your return to your home country once your course is over.

Extend your study permit

To extend a study permit you need to do so before your present study permit expires. This will allow you to maintain your status as a student until your application is returned with a decision. If you apply after your status expires, you will have to leave Canada, wait for a decision, and then come back if approved.
If you want to extend your permit but you are no longer studying, you may be eligible for a post-graduate work permit, as long as you have finished your studies in Canada.
For more information about your particular case, call us and we will indicate the options available to you.


Yes. If your study permit allows you to work off campus, you are only allowed to work 20 hours (part-time) with a study permit. You can work 40 hours (full-time) during scheduled breaks in the academic calendar.

You maintain the same status as the one that just expired while you wait for the answer to the application you submitted. This is called implied status. For example: you can still work in Canada if your work permit expires and you had applied for an extension before it expired. If you submit an application after it expires, you will not have implied status.

Restoration of status means that you are restoring your status to a legal status that you have had. For example, if you had a work permit and it expired, you will apply to restore your status. However, if your status is still valid, you are applying for an extension. Restoration of status only works when the status that you had expired and you are within 90 days of that expiry date.

Applying at the border always represents more risks so we usually advise our clients to apply online.

As part of our services, we will walk you through this process and provide you the proper instructions on how to pay these fees. We offer you the option of paying the government fees yourself or including these fees in your payment to us so that we can pay this requirement on your behalf.

Yes, if the applicant is traveling alone, a letter of acceptance is needed. Only if the parents of the underage applicant already have a work or study permit will the minor not need a letter of acceptance.


To find out if you meet the requirements of any Canadian program, you can complete the form below and/or return the in detailed questionnaire for a free assessment and a no obligation quote. You can send this Word document as per instructions within the questionnaire or attach it to the form below.