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Immigration Consultants in Canada

We are an ICCRC certified firm led by Immigration Consultant Roberto Castillo and a team of people willing to work hard to achieve the best for our clients. We guide, help, and advise our clients as to the best way to enter Canada based on the purpose they require. All processes are overseen by our experienced Certified Immigration Consultants in Canada.

Castle and Co is an Immigration Consultancy firm with over 6 years of experience, offering services to anyone interested in seeking entry to Canada on a permanent or temporary basis no matter which province.

Our services have a high rate of success always providing a transparent and honest process. We work with our clients side by side in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Each client is unique and for that reason we offer a free assessment to understand your situation and discuss the best option for you. It is important for us to know every aspect and detail of your case so that we can determine the best approach. You can contact our immigration experts whenever a doubt arises.

We will evaluate your case professionally and honestly. We will clearly state your chances of success and we will not create false expectations. Over the years, we have had to turn down some cases due to failures complying with immigration requirements.


For our foreign clients we have an office in Mexico with one of our partner agencies Next, for inquiries you can contact them directly trough their webpage www.next-travel.ca



We specialize in LMIA applications for employers and work permits for their employees. We also assist with open work permits, permanent residence, spouse sponsorships, student and tourist visa applications, amongst others. Get a free assessment of your case by calling and explaining your situation to us. We will discuss with you the best approach for your case.

We are not Immigration Lawyers. We are Immigration Consultants. Whether you choose a Lawyer or a Consultant, it does not generally change the nature of the services offered. Immigration Consultants learn in detail how the process works and how to make an application stronger, giving the applicant a better chance of approval. However, at the moment of choosing your Immigration Consultants for Canada, make sure they are certified by the Canadian authorities.

Hiring an Immigration Consultant is the best way to apply for any Canadian visa. The application process can change regularly in terms of required documents and specific procedures, and any error in either of these can cause your application to be refused. With the help of an Immigration Consultant, you are less likely to submit an incorrect application, saving you time and money.

We help you with filling out the forms. We provide representation before Immigration Canada and will keep track of your application as it continues to be processed by the government.


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